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Unfortunately, what many of us don't know is that we are not just a company that sells clothes etc.

Selling the products is just a minor matter. They should represent a symbol for this brand.

TuningIsLife is a community. We regularly host events, help you with problems and want to get people to take a stand against brand hatred.

Community is the most important! Anyone with a passion for tuning should be able to tolerate other vehicles and tastes! #OneLove

Our programs

-Tuningislife VIP partnership

- Tuningislife influencer partnership

Benefits of the VIP package

Our VIP partnership offers many advantages for people who want to be a part of the tuning passion and a part of us.

By becoming a member you not only become a VIP member, you also get some interesting benefits!

You get :

-A hoodie that says VIP Member

- A t-shirt with the words VIP Member

- Free Admission to every tuning meeting planned by us

- Discount code of 20% entered under your name, which you can use as often as you like.

-Personal WhatsApp contact with our company owner

- Information about our latest and best offers

and much more...

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VIP member

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TuningIsLife VIP package

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Tuningislife influencer partnership

If you are an influencer of the social media area such as Instagram and TikTok or Youtube, then you have come to the right place!

What does this membership mean?

What is an influencer membership?

As with all collaborations, this cooperation is based on reciprocity.
In order to be able to spread our statement even
further , cooperation with influencers like YOU is very important.

Whether on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, as a "famous" person you can reach many people! Then why not with a brand behind which there is more than just selling clothes?

Our goal is, among other things, to put an end to brand hatred and to ensure more community in the scene again! You should also be able to identify with this message ;)

If YOU help us to show people what a beautiful passion it is, then of course we will show our appreciation to you .

If we have aroused your interest then write us a message at "info@tuningislife.com". We will then get in touch with you and, depending on the reach and content, create a very lucrative individual offer.

Minimum requirements:


5,000 subscribers on YouTube

50,000 subscribers on TikTok

5,000 subscribers on Instagram

Apply now

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