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Our name stands for the enthusiasm for tuning and for a community that pursues its passion without brand hatred. We launched our brand in 2020 to unite all tuning enthusiasts and strengthen the scene again, whether they drive cars, motorcycles, quads or even boats!

Our repertoire in the shop includes almost every area, from clothes to key rings and stickers to scented trees or towels, everything is represented.

Not only our product variety and the consistently high quality of our offered items speak for us, but mainly the message behind our brand "TIL-TuningIsLife"!
The name "TuningIsLife" represents a lifestyle. In our opinion, tuning is much more than just changing the appearance or technology of the means of transport.
Much nicer is working together, meeting friends or trips to beautiful locations and carmeets!

Tuning is the freedom to do or change what you personally like best, without having to think about whether it appeals to someone else or not!
Tuning and the associated lifestyle creates friendships and good times, as well as memories that will never be forgotten.

Let's turn the tuning scene in Germany upside down to bring more togetherness and less resentment into the scene!
In the end we all have the same passion, what defines us is not the brand of your vehicle but the love for this lifestyle!

With every t-shirt, sweater, sticker or any other item you buy from our shop, you support us, the tuning scene and, above all, this point of view and make a clear statement about your attitude!

Have fun shopping,
your TIL team 🌎